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Do you live in a detached single-family home? If so, then you have your driveway that you’re responsible for cleaning and maintaining.  

Some of the joint home improvement projects that can boost your home’s resale value are resurfacing or upgrading your driveway. There are different driveway paving ideas such as stone, gravel, concrete, and asphalt.   

The article will provide you with details such as cost, suitability, maintenance requirements, durability, and DIY potential.

Driveway paving job done by our paving expert in Echuca

Factors to Consider when Selecting Drive Type  


One of the biggest critical factors when planning a home improvement project is budget; thus, money can make or break your driveway installation or resurfacing. 

Some of the factors that can influence the budget are the drainage features, driveway dimensions, design elements like lighting and curbs, paving material, adjacent landscaping, and professional assistance. 

The least expensive paver is gravel, then asphalt, paving stones, and concrete. Thus, opt for gravel when working with a shoestring budget while a higher budget allows you to access a wide range of driveway paving ideas.  


Every homeowner wants an appealing driveway. Thus, you can install a driveway based on what is appearing in your neighbourhood. For instance, you will discover that most working-class urban or rural areas opt for gravel, while concrete and asphalt are the material of choice in popular areas. In the upmarket surroundings go for stone. Thus, install the best driveway paving idea applicable in your locality 

Although you don’t want to compete with others, you can’t ignore your driveway’s appearances. Stone or brick are excellent materials for creating a cohesive, upscale front, while concrete and gravel are the top priorities for utility. 

More so, it would be best if you didn’t ignore your tastes. Thus, if you can afford and be willing to pay for the high-end driveway pavers, you shouldn’t allow anyone to discourage you. Still don’t give way to insecurity or vanity, where more pragmatic substitutes can replace some pricier paving option.   

Local Regulations  

Homeowners associations and local authorities regulate most regions. Thus, it would be best if you determined whether these powers accommodate particular driveway paving ideas or materials before sinking any money in your property improvement. 

Dimension and Shape 

Plan the shape and course of your driveway, especially when building a new one. The first step is to consider the preferred type of driveway in the neighbourhood. Secondly, consider the available space and ensure that it’s enough for a standard passenger car, can offer an outdoor parking area or a turnaround, 


It’s essential to consider factors like time, effort, and money needed to maintain the driveway. Maintenance varies from one material to the other. For instance, gravel is the cheapest and easiest to maintain, while asphalt requires extra attention every few years. 

Further, certain driveway paving materials can’t bear extreme temperatures. Gravel is susceptible to erosion; thus, it’s affected by heavy rains and winter season. 

Asphalt is another paving material that doesn’t withstand frequent freezes and thaws. Thus, choose a driveway material that can work well with different climatic conditions.  

DIY Potential  

Your skill level is another crucial factor to consider when picking the best driveway paving idea. You want to choose a material that you can install yourself without the assistance of a professional paver. 

Further, your financial reserves are another determinant, and that is why most homeowners opt for aggregate paver because it’s within their skill level and budget. 

Concrete, asphalt, and paving stones are trickier to install; thus, they require a trained and experienced driveway paver.  

Types of Driveway Pavers

Driveway paving done in Echuca with concrete pavers
Concrete Driveways 

Concrete and asphalt pavers are excellent with similar properties. However, concrete pavers are more durable and DIY friendly than asphalt. However, you have to reseal it shortly after installation. It’s a stable paver, with ample traction.  

On the other hand, concrete pavers promote storm runoff and require professional installation. The material doesn’t support heavy use because this leads to severe problems such as breaking and cracking. 

You can talk to Echuca Paving Service for more details about brushing, colour options, and other add-ons, which can boost the appearance of your driveway.   

Asphalt Driveways 

This is a highly functional paving material that requires prior experience when installing or operating equipment. It also requires higher maintenance due to frequent reseals, which are not cheap. Asphalt is aesthetically appealing and has a higher traction quotient. 

On the other hand, asphalt driveways are relatively costly to install when compared to gravel. It’s less durable when compared to other paving materials.  

Aggregate Driveways  

Gravel and aggregate driveways are durable and cheap to install. As stated, this material is prone to erosion; thus, you need to build a proper drainage system on moderate and steep slopes to direct running water from the middle of the driveway to the edges. 

It’s also one of the best driveway paving ideas. After all, it’s relatively straightforward to install and environmentally friendly because it’s naturally porous. 

Paving Stone Driveways 

It’s a costly driveway paving material, although it blends well with different design and landscaping elements such as stone walkways, driveways islands, and fountains. The material is appealing; thus, it has a higher potential of adding to your home’s appearance and worth. Stones are durable and easy to maintain.   

Some of the drawbacks of this driveway paving idea are that it requires sophisticated tools to prepare and pave the driveway. It’s pricey to buy and install because it requires professional installation. The material is impermeable; thus, you have to keep on fighting storm runoff. Further, stones are slippery as compared to unfinished concrete or asphalt which are griper and more hardened paving materials 

Final Word 

An attractive driveway makes your home appealing to onlookers and potential buyers. It also increases the value of your home; thus, you’re able to recover the cost of installing a stone, brick, concrete, asphalt, and gravel driveway pavers in your home. 

Therefore, you need to hire experienced professionals like Echuca Paving Service for your upcoming home improvement projects. You can contact them for a reasonable quote, more driveway paving ideas, and suggestions.

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