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Pool Paving

a finished pool paving

Pool paving is a great choice to add beauty and durability to your pool deck. While many people choose wood, this lends itself to issues of rot and durability. Pool paving does not have these issues. With pool paving, water spills or splashes don’t hurt the surface of the pool deck. Paving is resilient, easy to seal and easy to clean. Also, depending on how you want your pool to be complimented, pool paving can be done in a variety of material, either poured or using pavers, in various colours, shapes and designs. Brick, concrete, permeable, interlocking and stone pavers are popular paving options. We can make anything happen that you need to be done.

Brick Pool Paving

Brick is a great idea for a pool deck if the brick is treated and sealed. Because brick is great at deflecting heat and can add some really nice colouring to your pool, it’s a great option. Brick is also resilient and holds up well under much use and foot traffic. Also, because bricks have joints, they can help to dispel water from their surface, back into the pool. Bricks come in different colour and sizes and are easy to lay for a great pool deck.

Concrete Pool Paving

Concrete pool decks are the classic pool decking. With this style of paving, we pour concrete into a level slab around your pool area. This helps to give a nice, flat surface that looks uniformed and holds up well. While this paving option is cost-effective and durable, concrete can lose its colour when exposed to the elements and will, very likely, need to be resurfaced at some point. This can lead to excess costs in the future, even though the upfront cost of pouring the concrete is relatively low.

Interlocking Pool Pavers

Interlocking pool pavers are a newer system that looks and function fantastically. Because these paving stones can be made out of any material, they can be cast to any shape, size, colour or design. These types of pavers have the advantage of being extremely durable and fully customizable. These pavers are sealed so that they retain their lustre and colour and this also ensures that, after heavy foot traffic, they don’t breakdown. These types of pavers are commonly used ion commercial pool paving; giving a unique pool deck to whatever structure we use them on. Let us work with you to design a pool deck that is completely your own.

Pool Coping

Pool coping is the term that is used to describe that edge we put on your pool, to protect your pool and pool deck from damage. It adds a cap to the pool deck, reinforcing the structure of the pool and giving a rounded edge between deck and pool, which can protect swimmers. Pool coping can be made from brick, interlocking pavers or concrete. The easiest form to use is precast concrete, which gives a uniform and easy to install the system. We typically recommend poured concrete coping, as it is cost-effective, beautiful, and easy to lay down.