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One of the number one things that we are asked to do is pave driveways. Because no one likes driving up an unfinished driveway and getting their newly washed car covered in dirt, we provide options to remedy this. We can pave your driveway with a variety of options, all with their own benefits. Our team have cost-effective options, as well as fancier options if that’s what you’d like. We can also provide driveway sealing and maintenance. No matter what your driveway needs are, we assure you that we can give you the driveway of your dreams.


One of the primary paving agents for driveways is concrete. Concrete is made with liquid concrete with an aggregate of sand and small pebbles added to it. This concrete is relatively inexpensive and extremely durable. Concrete can be cleaned, but exposure to sunlight can slowly drain the colour from it. Concrete helps water to drain and holds up pretty well in most weather conditions. It can also be patched if cracks begin to form, but resurfacing concrete can also be costly and a lot of work, as the whole top layer needs to come off for the concrete to set correctly.


Asphalt is the other most common type of driveway paving. It is also made from aggregate, but it is petroleum-based, instead of concrete based. This means that asphalt doesn’t hold up quite as well as concrete does, but it is still durable and is the least expensive paving option. Asphalt also has the advantage of being able to resist oil stains, so they clean off easier. It can also be repaved fairly easily, as to how it is made, lends itself to bonding properly to itself. Asphalt is a great paving option.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers are another great option for a driveway. This paving option is the most expensive, but it is also the most durable. Because this paving is done with individual stones, the weight of cars can be distributed over several different areas, individually. This means that pavers don’t crack as much and hold up very well. Because pavers also have joints between them, they drain water easily and are very easy to clean. Interlocking pavers can also be made in almost any shape, size or colour so that they can give you an incredibly unique look to your driveway.


Sealing is another service we offer. Because your driveway pavement will always be exposed to both the sun and inclement weather conditions, it is important to do everything you can to help your driveway lasts as long as possible. Sealing your paving is a great way to prolong its life. Sealing creates a thin barrier between your paving system and the outside atmosphere. This layer helps to resist water and oil stains, and it also helps to block UV rays from the sun, which can weaken and discolour your paving system. Sealing can be reapplied whenever your driveway needs it to be done.