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Lawn Edge Paving

a finished lawn edge paving

Lawn edge paving is a great option for either your front yard or back yard. These types of paving systems can help in a multitude of ways. Edge paving can separate your lawn from mulching or flower beds, helping to keep grass growths out of it. This type of paving can also help to filter water out or into lawns and can create barriers for fencing. On top of these benefits, lawn edging paving is also aesthetically pleasing, giving instant beauty to any space. If you’re interested in this type of paving, let us do it for you!

Flower Beds/Mulching

One of the main uses of lawn edge paving systems is for the beautification of landscapes and lawns. But another use for this type of edging is that of flower beds and mulching. With flower beds, lawn edge paving can help to keep the soil inside the flower bed. Edge paving can also help to keep weeds and grass from growing inside your flower bed. This can also happen with mulching. But lining either your mulch or flower beds with paving stones creates a natural-looking borderline with great benefits.

Mowing Strips

Another great use for lawn edge paving is to create mowing strips. With mowing, strips, paving stones are pushed into the ground, nearly level with the soil. This creates a border between lawn and things like flower beds, mulching, driveways, walkways or other parts of the lawn. These strips give you a natural-looking border to mow out from. When mowing against mowing strips, it is important to take safety precautions so that your mower doesn’t cause damage to the brickwork or to itself or you. Mowing strips are a great option for simply lawn beautification.

Edging Stones

Concrete or brick pavers make for excellent edging solutions. These stones make for an instantly beautiful lawn border and present a wider edge to work with. These are commonly used when you want to keep grass out of flower beds but have plants that spill over, across the stones, helping the flower box to look full. Edging stones can be used in a variety of ways. Several different designs and stone types can be used and which we go with depends on how you want your lawn to look. We can build anything you’d like.

Raised Bed Border

A raised bed border is, in essence, a small wall around a flower bed that helps to add drama and beautification to any lawn or yard. Because lawns are typically flat, adding a raised flower bed can make quite a statement; adding texture and height to your lawn. A raised flower bed, however, needs a wall to assist in helping to keep soil or mulch from spilling on to your yard. Because plastic or metal barriers can look silly and cheap, we can install a brick paving wall that will work equally as well and look amazing in the process.