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Paving your landscape is a project whose investment is pegged on the type and availability of the material used. Some materials are less costly and readily available but not ideal for specific temperatures.  

Other materials occur naturally, such as granite, limestone, marble, and slate. They are beautiful but expensive paving material. Thus, before paving, you need to consider factors such as the availability, durability, cost, and skills required to lay them. 

The article will provide you with a list of best Echuca landscape paving materials ideal for your new project or remodelling of your patio, driveway, or walkway.

Outdoor paving job done in Echuca with concrete pavers

Concrete Pavers  

The material is commonly used around the pool areas, driveways, and patio area. Concrete creates a salt-resistant, slip-roof surface that is not affected by chlorine. It’s available in different colours; thus, it can perfectly blend well with any outdoor décor. 

Concrete material is flexible and design to look like a stone at a fraction of the price. Concrete blocks are used to build walls, but you can use them to make a raised patio. 

You can also enhance the lifespan of concrete pavers by sealing them regularly.  

Stone Pavers 

Homeowners have been using natural stone to pave their exterior for many years. The material is naturally alluring, long-lasting, and versatile. The ideal natural stone choices are sandstone, granite, limestone, and slate. These stones are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, and you can create different designs.  

Natural stones are considered the best Echuca landscape paving materials because they are costly and appealing, thus enhancing the aesthetic and resale value of your property.   

Slate Pavers: The natural stone gives your exterior space a sleek, unique look. Slate pavers are incredibly reliable like concrete. It has an array of colours and sizes. The pavers are non-porous and resistant to acids; thus, you can lay them in your yard. 

Limestone Pavers: Limestone is a fine-textured material with a distinct, soft look. The paving material is pretty easy to cut into various sizes and shapes. However, limestone is porous and vulnerable to acid rain. Thus, you shouldn’t install it in wet areas because the continuous exposure to such elements will cause it to weather over time.  

Granite Pavers: The material is durable and robust, thus ideal for the formal outdoor spaces. The pavers come in different shapes, such as brick-shaped pieces, cubes, and uniform-sized flagstones. It’s costly and challenging to install Echuca landscape paving material and it has to be layered by experts such as Echuca Paving Service. Nevertheless, it gives your property a sophisticated look and enhances its value. 

Sandstone Pavers: The paver is sturdy; hence it can be installed in different areas. It’s available in different colours and shapes, but lilac-gray and blue-gray are the standard sandstone pavers’ colours because they are available in large quantities. Other colours are soft golden cream, light grey tan, and orange-brown. 

Cobblestone Pavers  

The paving material provides a traditional touch, thus suitable for patio, walkways, and driveway. Cobblers have a natural stone look and are interlock pavers. Cut these pavers from natural stones such as limestone, sandstone, and granite or make them from cast concrete. Unlike the round cobblestones, these pieces have a flatter, smoother surface that is safer and more comfortable for your walkway and patio floor. 

You can create a colour combination or a pattern using cobblestone pavers because they are available in a variety of colours and can be installed in different patterns. Thus, the Echuca landscape paving material can create discreet and dramatic styles that blend well with the architectural design of your home.   

Brick Pavers 

Bricks are a vogue paving material that has also been used for decades. Heat clay under high temperatures, while the mineral content in the soil gives bricks that beautiful natural appearance. The material is slip and chlorine resistant; thus, installed in wet areas.   

Brick is the favourite Echuca landscape paving material because it’s easy to source and inexpensive to buy. You can use bricks to create cool patterns on the patio area and walkways. Bricks work well with other paving materials such as wood decks and can be used in all types of landscapes. 

Rustic Brick  

These pavers are set on concrete, and the joints or grout lines are mortared. The bricks are also butting together and installed in different patterns. The pavers have an uneven, textured finish, which provides an informal look. For instance, the bricks have the same width but different lengths. They are in vertical rows that are not straight or equal. Thus, they are casual Echuca landscape paving materials for areas around the patio, swimming pool, or spa. They are slip-resistant and not comfortable for bare feet.  

Interlocking Pavers 

The interlocking pavers have a similar look with bricks. They have a rustic texture, rust-red colour, and made from a dense concrete, thus firmer than brick. Place the pieces on a base made of sand, arranged in a manner that they interlock tightly and then pressed together. The interlocking pavers are considered a superior Echuca landscape paving materials because they can handle heavy load and are difficult to dislocate.  


The paving material offers a higher degree of flexibility and has a wide range of prices compared to quarried stone. Composite pavers are also more natural to install and have varied textures, colours, and styles. However, you need to consider the surrounding structures and plants when laying these pavers. 


It’s a short-term paving solution that offers attractive texture suitable for the natural landscape. Gravel pavers are easy to install and ideal when working with a limited budget. The downside of gravel is unstable underfoot and can be weedy if left unattended. 


Patio paving job done in Echuca with stone pavers

The list of paving materials is endless. Thus, you have a wide choice of pavers for your exterior. However, it’s wise to consider the landscape and other features in your home before purchasing and laying the pavers. For instance, you should think about the architectural design of your home, the garden walls, and the plants. 

You can contact Echuca Paving Service for a quote or suggestions about the best Echuca landscape paving materials. Contact us 0491 728 231 or email us at [email protected]

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