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Paver Sealing


Paver sealing is an easy and cheap way to make sure that the life of your paving system is prolonged. Whether you are using concrete for your pool deck or asphalt for your driveway, sealing your paving system can never hurt. Sealing should always be considered a regular part of paving maintenance and, with sealing done at regular intervals, it could help to make your paving system last for years to come. Let us be your neighbourhood pavement sealant professionals.

Benefits of Sealing

Sealing has an incredible amount of benefits when it is applied to your paving system. Because water is a natural damaging agent when it gets under your pavement, protecting from water leakage is a major plus. Because water can cause soil issue and, when it freezes, can cause cracking of your pavement, keeping it out from under your pavement should be a high priority. The sealant helps to whisk water away, leaving your paving system intact. The sealant also protects from other elemental attackers like sunlight and air. By forming a layer around your paving, sealant will keep your paving system looking and functioning like new.

What We Use for Sealant

There are three general types of sealant and, which we use on your pavement, is totally up to you. There are factors to consider like cost and set time and material, but we can help you with all of that. Tar based sealant is the most expensive, but also the most effective at keeping your paving system pristine. A petroleum-based sealant is an average cost sealant and generally goes on clear, with decent protection. Asphalt based sealant is the cheapest option and, while it doesn’t hold up to the elements as well, it still leagues better than having no sealant at all.

Pool Deck Sealing

Pool deck sealing is an absolute necessity in keeping your pool deck looking beautiful and clean. Not only do these sealants help protect against rain and the sun, but they also help to protect your pool pavement from degrading thanks to the chemicals used in pools. Pool sealing should be done at least once per year. It is because the chemicals of the pool will slowly make your pool paving fail. This can lead to dangerous situations like structural cracking and hazards, which can cause hurt feet and danger to swimmers.

When Should You Seal

Sealant should be applied every one to three years. The length of time that you choose to seal your pavement on depends on a plethora of factors. The time between sealing is determined by what material you use for your pavement. It’s also determined by what type of sealant you’ve used in the past. Likewise, what type of sealant you’re going to use next. Beyond that, the time between sealing is also determined by weather conditions in your area. Also, it determined how harsh outside elements have been in the last year. All of these factors, together, should go into helping you decide schedule pavement sealing.